If you could be anyone, who would you like to be? Would you choose to be yourself? I hope you do. If you would not, then ask yourself why. What is the thing that one person has that makes their life so desirable? Since you would rather be someone else, what is the thing you dislike about you? Now that you’ve got the answers, it’s time to work on yourself. You’ve already started actually, as you are somehow aware of what you would like to change. No matter your age, your background, there is nothing stopping you from becoming who you would love to become. Just be sure your wishes are 100% yours, not somebody else’s. There are no “big” dreams, they’re just dreams guiding you to live the life you always think about at night.

In case you are still reading this, I am going to say one more thing. From now on, before choosing so easily another person’s life in exchange for yours, try to be grateful for what you’ve got and for what you’re able to achieve. You’ve got the brain, the passion and you know change is good. Trust me, if you are one of those people seeing change as treasure, don’t you dare to settle for something ordinary. Be extraordinary.



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