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What do you do when you do not feel like yourself anymore? Is that part of an important process? Is that part of the journey you have to take in order to become who you were always meant to become? Why do people lose their ways so that they could find themselves later?

I have never understood that.

What does it take for one to feel something at all again? What does it take for one to allow other souls to come in? To come into their own souls. 

Never got that either.

But do you know what I have managed to understand? It is all up to us. How much we tend to rely on others… How much we exaggerate when things get “bad”… We are the problem here. We need to fix ourselves. Happiness? It’s everywhere. It’s inside us all the time, we just have to focus on it. Love? God, that’s infinite. So what if you still love someone you haven’t spoken with in years? So what if you also love someone now, so much that it scares you? That’s more than fine. Love has no limits, no age, no conditions. I see too much pain and I hate it. That’s why I have made a choice: to keep on loving, anyone I’ve ever loved and anyone I will ever meet, just because I go to sleep more at peace when I do so. 

And the thing about finding ourselves, that’s another life purpose. That is what it makes it fun and scary, both at the same time. During the past year, I have found parts of myself I once thought I’d never own. And now, I’m looking forward to finding and embracing greater ones which would surprise me as well. 

So dear, you’re not lost, unloved nor unhappy, maybe just a little confused. You opened your eyes this morning, so you are luckier than you think. Do not make a big deal out of everything that doesn’t happen as you had planned, it will all work out.

– just a letter for those feeling like this matches their souls –


Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset


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