There are many controversial things happening out there: poverty, famine, climate change, wrong politicians ruling our world, yet I am not the person to talk about these. At least not right now. Though, there is something I can talk about. Women’s position nowadays. Indeed beneficially, many have changed during the past decades, but not enough.

Unfortunately, I witness from time to time this “innocent” prejudice. That women cannot possibly be both beautiful and smart, which gets me like WHAT?! I’m a social media freak, I admit it, and I have noticed way too many times some people’s reactions when they see a pretty face. “Oh, she must be so dumb” / “Of course she parties, that is the only thing she does right” The list of negative comments is waaay too long to write it here, but, excuse me, what? When did we become so hateful? I swear this is not the world I want to live in, not to mention my kids (*hopefully going to be a mom some day*).

To all the judgemental people reading this, just stop it. Girls can be pretty, pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty everything. It’s not up to you to decide what they can or cannot be. And girls, you must ignore all the negativity. Never be afraid to look great and to think great. Do your best, put on that cool dress, the lipstick which makes your lips look so damn kissable and dominate. Dominate a conversation, the business world and the street with your lovely smile and sparkly eyes.





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