It was 2016 and then, one minute later, 2017 showed up. In a blink of an eye, things became somehow different. I escaped. What exactly? Well, I am still figuring it out. It just felt like something changed instantly.   

I escaped the me who was trying to please anyone. I escaped the me who was constantly trying to make everyone feel good and optimistic. Me looking for others’ approval. Me who did not put herself first. The one who has made me weak, but only in order to have the ambition to strike for greater things. That part of my mind and soul left together with 2016, leaving me powerful and ready. Ready to grow, to challenge myself, to be happy, to inspire, to escape the past.



What about you? What did you choose to free yourself from? No matter what it is about, how small that thing is, feel proud, as you have already taken a huge step in becoming someone you wish to become. 


– special thanks to the great photographer Costin FETIC –  


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