HELLO, it’s me

Hello? London? It’s me. We have met before. Three years ago.  Remember when I promised I’d be back? Remember when I promised myself that one day I’d actually live in England? Well, believe it or not, I have kept all of those promises.

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I’m putting my thoughts on paper while being on a train. London’s my destination. Last time I traveled there I was sixteen. I remember myself standing in a certain spot on Oxford Street, surrounded by Christmas lights and all those magical decorations, making a promise. To me. I promised myself that one day I am going to live in the UK. Not necessarily in London, but somewhere in England. Not because of its amazing weather, but because it somehow felt like home. Believe me, I considered it such a naive dream back then. But look at me now.

I do not know if I have changed since I came here. However, I am more aware of some things. At first, I thought I had a plan. I still do, it’s there in my favorite notebook, but it looks a bit different now. It’s funny how life changes, how the things that make you feel fulfilled change as time passes by.

  This is definitely not the first time I write about my dreams. But I do it repeatedly because I know what it is like to feel discouraged and how it is like to not find someone with the same desires. I left all alone. Don’t you think I would have loved to take at least one of my best friends with me? Of course I did, but they had their own plans too, which didn’t look like mine. Thus, I’m writing about my goals once again so that the girl who’s afraid to leave her comfort zone to stop being afraid. It is possible to start over. You can be whoever you want to be.

 The world is so big, girl, and it has so much to offer. You just have to let it surprise you. Chase your dreams and hustle, because no one is going to knock on your door and deliver them to you. Just follow the path you think about almost every night before going to sleep, the one you dare to imagine.


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