made it to MCR

Indeed, I have made it to Manchester. The place where dreams come true, they say. Well, guess we’ll see.

What is it like? Being here? It is overwhelming. But in a good way. It is a new life I am discovering day by day.  Everything is new. The people, the city, the way of living, the food, the f* British weather, the responsibilities. I am still getting used to all of these. Manchester is such an excellent city and it seems like there are so many things happening here, amazing museums to go to, exciting events to attend, cool places to try out new food.  Even the duke of Cambridge came here last Friday!! Can you possibly believe that? I am still in shock. Some other thing I find absolutely great is the fact that I meet SO many people every day. People from England, Italy, France, North Korea, China, the US etc. I embrace with so many cultures and that’s rare. It’s treasure.

 It is indeed a new life. It is actually the proof of the opportunity that has been given to me:  my fresh start. My way out. I was working and praying for an escape, for a different kind of life, for a place where I could push my limits over the cliff. I turned my heart off so that I could come here and do amazing stuff. Hopefully, I will not let myself down.

I am still human, though. I miss home, I miss my family, my best friends. Actually, I was missing them so much that  I got myself a plane ticket and surprised all of my best friends last week. Swear it was lit! Best surprise I’ve ever made. It is sad that I could not have them both, my loved ones and my dreams, all in one city, one country. But that’s alright. I knew from the very first start what I was signing up for.

I don’t know what else to tell you about coming here because  I am still trying to make a home out of this place. I am at the beginning of a crazy journey. In case you want to know more, you are a lil bit lost at home, feel free to contact me and I will tell you everything I know about studying and living in the UK.





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