Babe, take a walk on the wild side.

Not the wild side of nature, but the wild side of you. That side you’ve been trying to hide for a while now. That side of your personality you have been trying and trying to shut down. The one which does not let you sleep well at night, but keeps you awake and makes you think about everything, about nothing.

There’s no good or bad in this world. There’s no innocence without a lil bit of fierceness. Therefore, embrace it. Embrace that part of you which sometimes may lead you to adventurous paths, the one which does not want you to be happy and positive and ecsatic all the time. It wants you to feel alive. Feel the joy, feel the pain, feel everything. Because if you force yourself to see only the rainbows and butterflies flying around, then you’ll end up being a mess someday.

Be the ruler of your own mind. Explore it, love it and make marvelous things with it. Take advantage of the intense, stormy part of yourself. Be the game changer, be a combination of light and dark. Be complex. It’s so much fun being so.





dress custom made by RC  // ZARA boots // ZARA necklace // bracelets from Pandora & Stradivarius

photos by COSTIN FETIC


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