Majorat Ioana-137

We call ourselves FCASVSE. What does it mean? Sorry, I cannot tell you that, I am not allowed to. The only thing I can tell you about us is that nobody parties like we do. When we all meet… it doesn’t end up well. We have this thing for adventures and memorable stuff. There might have been people trying to destroy our team, to make us question each other’s loyalty and trustworthiness, yet the bond we have is stronger than their schemes.

We are extremely different, but there are a few things that unite us and make us feel the need to meet almost everyday. We’ve become a family & if one gets in trouble, we all do. If one cries, we all do… until we laugh so hard that our tummies hurt. No matter what you might think you know about us, trust me, most of that is not true, because we’re SO good at keeping secrets.

Majorat Ioana-164

Majorat Ioana-76Majorat Ioana-28Majorat Ioana-73Majorat Ioana-95Majorat Ioana-253Majorat Ioana-349



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