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There are some things in life that could never be bought, including happiness, which you may experience in so many different ways. It’s the hapiness you feel when you love,  when you are surrounded by dear people, the happiness you can’t possibly ignore when your favourite artists show up on stage to perform.

If you ever get the chance to go to a concert or to a music festival, don’t hesitate. Buy that ticket. Forget about the shirt or the pants you wanted to purchase, those will end up somewhere in your closet because you will get bored of them. But the vibes you get during a concert will never be forgotten, they could never be replaced.

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Such an amazing night we had on August 14, when  we allowed ourselves to get hypnotised by Riri’s voice and dance moves. It was fantastic and unreal to see Rihanna in action. By the time she began singing “Umbrella” I saw my 8-year-old self dancing in the mirror, trying to understand the lyrics and to learn the choreography from the music video. It is absolutely insane how fast time goes by and it’s so much crazier that I have had the chance to attend one of her concerts. I’ve found love there. I’ve found the love thousands of people share for the same, single person: bad gurl Riri.

Photo 15-08-16 10 58 14

outfit details : Intimissimi bra // ZARA leather shorts // MAX&Co vest // Musette Sandals // ZARA hat & necklace


I will soon publish a post about the one and only UNTOLD festival, so stay tuned xx


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