Don’t cut your hair! Don’t wear that dress! Don’t act like that! Why are you wearing so much make-up? Why do you want to be independent? Why are you so dreamy? 


We live in a world where we are surrounded by judgmental people. Even we are acting judgmental without noticing it. When being asked things that may disturb you, like the ones above, I truly believe the right answer to them is WHY NOT? 

Indeed, we live only once, so why would we live by someone else’s standards?

Dear reader, your great advantage in this big world is that you are unique. Yes, many of us have things in common, but even so, we are so different. Our great difference comes from the way we have been educated, from the environment where we grew up. Our perspective on things depends on the people we’ve met, the books we have read, the things we have experienced, the good and bad that we faced in time.

I may be young and I may not have been through much until now, yet I am sure of one thing: I want to be in charge of my own life. I want to regret the mistakes and the decisions I have made, not the ones other made for me. I want to feel the joy when I achieve things I have been dreaming of, not the ones other people convinced me to accomplish. I want to discover places and meet people from all over the world, I want to grow and change beautifully during this time and at the end of my journey I desire to be proud of myself, proud of the way I have chosen to experience life.

Be free. Be YOU.

because … why not?




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