They say we are made out of love, so that’s our lives’ main purpose: to love. Being asked about the people or the things I love, I have to take some time to think about them all.


my family. my best friends. my squad. mom’s food. grandma’s eyes. sunsets. the beach. travelling. good books. big dreams. fashion. music. flowers. peace. rainbows. pastas. late night conversations. random compliments. smiling at strangers. meeting new people. dancing. singing. watching movies. sleepovers. adventures. girls nights. kisses. hugs. “I love you”s. night drives. looking at the stars. making pinky promises. laughing w/ my friends. concerts. fireworks. kids. rose wine. tanned skin. tennis. confidence. art & me

There are some people who have high expectations regarding love, they look upon it as something rare and unlikely to feel, yet they are so wrong. We love lots of people and lots of things, but indeed, we love them differently. We love people in our own way, depending on the kind of connection we have with them, depending on the intensity of emotions we experience around them. And we love things that represents us, that make us  feel happy and alive. There is nothing wrong with love or being loved, so choose these two, above anything. Always. Forever.



The first thing you must wish as soon as you wake up is to love, deeply & unconditionally 




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