Here I am, feeling over-nostalgic as I try to make myself aware of one thing: we have graduated! I have graduated! The little girl with big, big dreams will soon face the harsh reality in order to turn those wishes into achievements. Damn..

Four years ago, all that I could dream of was the high school life waiting for me. I used to think about the Blair I was going to find, the Nate I was going to fall in love with and the mean girls I was going to meet. The amazing events and parties I was going to attend. How great my life was going to be.

We all started as kids. We were all imature and with our heads in the clouds. Meanwhile, we have grown up and  I am sure we’ll succeed. We are not leaving this unique place as we first came here, we are leaving with plans and goals.

– 4 years of fun, drama, love, pointless fights, stress & lessons –

I wouldn’t go back in time to change things. But to experience some of them once again, to feel a couple of things twice.

 The lovely memories from these past four years will always have a place in my heart. I will never forget about the amazing people I’ve met and how much happiness they have brought into my life. Nor will I forget the disappointments which have only made me stronger. These moments will always be a part of me.  Each one of us has met someone special. Some have met their soulmates, others have met the trustworthy friends they needed so much.  We all had fun and we all shed tears. But these were our high school years.



 As for me, I have met her. THE best friend. My person. The one with whom I have the most beautiful memories. The one with whom I have shared my good times, as well as my worst ones. The one I can trust 99.9%. Thank you, love, for everything. For helping me become who I am today. For supporting my dreams. For staying up late with me just so that I would not cry alone. Thank you for the joy, the laughter and even for the times you pissed me off.

I may leave this country soon, but if I am sure of one thing, I am sure of this: she’ll be there, no matter what. And I’m going to be there for her, as well.




For the ones who are still in high school I have a short message: Take risks. Fall in love. Get drunk. Wear your hearts on your sleeves. Be kind, no matter the behaviour the ones around you have. Do not waste your time on people you don’t like, on books you don’t want to read, on fights you could simply ignore. Have some “me time”, when you could think about your future and figure out what’s the best path you could follow. You don’t wanna wake up after finals with no idea about what to do with your life. Play smart and make sure your high school years are the best you could possibly have.



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  1. Keep it up and good luck, because every opportunity has a shelf life!👏🏻🎓💋

    1. Bianca Anda says:

      Thaanks, sweety! ❤️❤️

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