Travel Diary


Some people are addicted to their lovers, to cigarettes or to alcohol. I am addicted to travelling, this is my kind of drug. Exploring. Discovering. Visiting new places. Smiling to strangers. I will never be able to say I’m tired of all these things.

Whenever I get the chance to go somewhere far away from home, I take advantage of that opportunity. And when I come back, I always come back different. More enthusiastic. Eager to change things, to make my life better. After all, it’s my masterpiece.

I have experienced once again the joy of walking down the Italian streets. This country has never let me down. I find it so vibrant, hazy, colorful and full of life. Even if I have been gone only for a few days, I have managed to return happier and ready to face new challenges. Can’t wait to travel again and to get to know a different me, in a different country.








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