Just stop & listen


We are so busy nowadays. We just can’t take a minute off. We’re always on the run, always on our phones, always listening to music. We forget to listen to us. To our intuition. To our souls. We want to get to know everyone, to make new friends, but we forget that, firstly, we need to know who we are. Once in a while we should stop & listen.

The day I spent in Switzerland has been like a medicine for me. I needed something to heal my soul, to make me forget about all the drama from home, to forget about the final exams and to focus on myself.


I’ve always been told I am difficult to deal with. One day I want something so bad, yet the next day I change my mind and want something completely different. I am a paradox. I like and I don’t like to settle down. Some days I dream of a peaceful life, with a big family, and some other days I dream only of adventures and falling in love in every magical city in this fascinating world. I want to be close to good and inspiring people, yet I also want to be independent and succeed on my own. I want to keep my life private, but I also wish to raise my voice and wish for the world to hear me. Strange, right? I know. But this is who I am and I will always work on that person. And love it with its every single flaw .


“Heaven on Earth” is not just a metaphor. It’s this place I visited. It’s Lugano.



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