Naive & Dreamy


As a kid, I used to plan everything. I remember I once gathered my family in our living room in order to tell everyone how my life was going to look like after high school. Successful business woman at the age of 24, travelling around the world at 25, married at 26 and mother at 28. Buying my dad his dream car and my mom a dozen pairs of shoes at 30 and enjoying a peaceful summer at the beach in Maldives at 35. Everything seemed so easy, even if the whole family was making fun of me each time I was telling them my crazy life “schedule”.

Nowadays, I realize I cannot plan every moment of my life. The things and the goals I was dreaming about when little are likely to happen, I’m still optimistic, yet they don’t seem as easy to achieve as I thought. 

Trying on all these amazing dresses made me look back at those memories, when I was so naive and dreamy. Even if by growing up I have become more cautious and realistic, I am glad to say that I have managed to keep that part of me – the naive and dreamy- which shows up everytime I set a new goal. Maybe that’s why they are all so high.

The dresses also made me ask myself if I am really going to be a bride at 26. Well, who knows? Until then, I guess I have enough time to decide what to wear.  






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dana says:

    Is in you to be what ever you dreamed of!! to us, the outsiders , you are what your dreams are. So don”t give up on them, nothing comes easy that why once you achieved that goal of yours the satisfaction is priceless. Beautiful!!!

    1. Bianca Anda says:

      Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

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