Such an amazing day is the one when you turn 18. You feel stronger, greater, you become someone else.

Actually … no, you don’t. One day you’re 17, the next day you wake up and you’re 18. No magic has happened during the night between those days. You are still living in your parents’ house, you still have to go to school, you have to figure out what to do with your life and you have to be careful not to break the law, otherwise you’ll go to jail.

How fun, isn’t it?

There are some good parts, though. You are allowed to attend awesome events, you can get your driving licence and you can have that once in a lifetime kind of party together with your best friends.

In my country we don’t have those Sweet16-like celebrations, yet we go crazy about our 18 birthday party, especially the girls. We get extremely excited and we want to organize a memorable insane party.

I still remember how much time I spent thinking about mine, about my dress, about the location, the food, the cake, the DJ … it was like I was planning my wedding day.

Since I was little, I have always dreamed about having a pool birthday party and that seemed quite a great idea for celebrating my 18 years old. I had it all arranged, everything was perfect. But not the weather.

Not once, in 17 years, has it rained on August 18! NEVER!  Until August 18 2015

So, one day before my bday party, I had to reorganize almost everything! Thanks to my mom and dad, who managed to deal with the impossible, we changed the location and adjusted the decoration to that new place.


Happily, everything went absolutely wonderful and I had the time of my life. I was surrounded by loving people with who I danced the whole night and I felt awesome! Rarely do I have this chance, so I’m gonna use this part of the blog post to thank them. My friends. For being there for me. For having fun. For making a super funny video with pictures of us. And my best best friends, the ones who are always there for me. The ones who truly support my crazy dreams and ideas. The ones who listen to my … whenever I call them. The ones who make me happy and love me. Thank you, lovies! I luv ya










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dress: MarieOllie // shoes: Musette



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