A wise man once said, don’t tell people about your happiness, otherwise they’ll try to steal it from you.

Could people steal happiness? Is there anyone capable of such sin? If so, how could we protect it? How could we stop them from taking it away?

We are also being told not to let our happiness depend on people. I find it quite impossible, as if I were to choose some of the happiest moments from my life, I see myself surrounded by people I love, by people who are able to put a smile on my face. That’s why I will keep on doing this. I will keep on letting my dear ones make me happy. I’ve got a heart and a soul, so I’m gonna use them both. I am concious there will be times I will cry and suffer and hate me for letting my guard down. Even so, eventually, I will find new people, the right ones, the ones who would stay, forever.




// ZARA shirt & pants | local store hat // 




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