2015 is gone, can you even believe it? Are you ready for what the new year holds for you? Are you ready to surprise yourself in 2016?

Well, I am.

I do not agree with the “new year, new me” thing, yet I truly believe that as a year passes by, we feel more confident about taking decisions. About choosing who we would like to be part of our lives for the next 365 days. About choosing the right path in order to achieve our goals.

A new year represents a new opportunity for us to be who we want to be. It is the perfect time to make a change, to begin pushing our limits further and further.

Do I have a list of 2016 resolutions? Yes, I do.

In 2016, I would like to love and be loved. To be happy beyond words. To feel the joy of fulfilled wishes. To get my dream college admission and to strive for greatness. To make the world around me understand my passions. To let them know who I am, as that has always been hard for me to do. I am ready now, even if I am aware it has never been easy for me to fit in.

People have always judged me without knowing the real me. Because of my wild soul. Because I am crazy in love with people I have never met. Because I have left pieces of me in every place I have visited. Because I have dreams no one could possibly understand. Because I can be full of joy and anger at the same time. Because I love too many things simultaneously. I can never focus on one certain thing, my mind is spinning around all the time. I forgive easily and that may seem ironical for some people, but I just hate to hate. I’d rather love you than hate you, it’s better for my soul. You can hate me for my beliefs and for my lifestyle, but I don’t want to know. I truly have the faith that there’s good in everyone, that there’s love and desire, even if they have known pain and dissapointments. Even if you might deny it, trust me, I bet your soul is just like mine, but you are just better at hiding it.

Welcome, 2016! I cannot wait for the new adventures, for the lovely memories together with my family and friends, for the new chances to become the person I would like to meet.



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  1. hearteumi says:

    Really enjoyed this post :3
    People will always judge each other but honestly the only thing you can do is to just not give a crap about what others think and just live your life and be your truest self. It’s not them who will regret it in the end, right?
    I would personally love to meet more people who I share more uncommon passions with, like making videos. But I guess I’ll have to wait for college for that one?
    Anyways, happy new year!
    P.S: Nu-ti merg pozele. Incearca sa le incarci direct pe wp sau foloseste imgur

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