in love with the CoCo

Coco Chanel, the one and only!


Thank God they have invented Snapchat and they keep us updated with what has been going on lately during Fashion Weeks, through really fun videos and catchy photos.

Karl Lagerfeld strikes again!


We’re so over Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s Breakfast at Chanel that we’re talking about right now, as they converted the runway into a traditional French brasserie.

“It’s the daily life of a certain category of people,” Lagerfeld explained after the show. “This is down-to-earth daily life – in certain circumstances.”


Have you seen by now what has been on the runway today at Chanel? If not, take a look at these pictures I found on

I love Chanel, I find it so chic and sophisticated and the Chanel bags are the best! I think I’ve fallen in love with almost every bag from today’s show.

Enjoy ❤


1 2 7 3 6 8 4




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  1. Nadia Kandil says:

    Il really loved that show!!

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