I bet you’ve heard at least once in your life these annoying words: “OMG! You do it like a girl!”

Of course I do, that’s what I am! I just can’t understand when this became something bad and something likely to be avoided.

I run like a girl, I work out like a girl, I play sports like a girl, I cry like a girl, I dress like a girl, I kiss like a girl and I’m proud of it. Unfortunately, there are so many girls out there struggling and facing these kind of judgemental thoughts, which basically destroy their confidence.

I found this Always campaign a few days ago and I really wanted to share it with you, as it’s so empowering. There’s no ashame in being a girl!! It’s the coolest thing on earth (haha sorry boys) Enjoy, kisses!


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  1. Dana says:

    sweethart, you are delightful…just like a girl. Keep doing it, BI!!!!!

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