Emirates Palace



magical, majestic, glorious

The Emirates Palace is a seven star luxury hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it’s a place you always want to go back to. It’s warm, but extravagant, select and sumptuous, it’s the kind of place you dream yourself having holidays with your handsome man. 

The fact that you can visit a part of it is really, really cool. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to see the rooms or the private beach, but even so, it’s possible for you to fall in love with it as soon as you enter the colorful and exotic gardens.

DSC08126 DSC08112 DSC08140 DSC08113 DSC08117

DSC08127 DSC08146 DSC08147 DSC08152 DSC08154 DSC08157 DSC08165 DSC08167 DSC08168 DSC08169 DSC08135 DSC08128 DSC08170 DSC08171 DSC08174wearing

ZARA Dress/Bag||Musette Shoes||RayBan Sunnies||H&M Necklaces



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