Water in Love

following my dreams in high heels


 A girl can never have enough shoes, right? Cinderella, for example, is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. She never asked for a prince – she asked for a night off, a dress and some shoes.  I should do that, too. I need some shoes, please! Now my prince can show up (just sayin..)

Anyways, have you seen the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection of our one and only Christian Louboutin? If not, take a look:

It’s absolutely AMAZING, WONDERFUL, these pair of shoes are f* awesome!!

louboutin-women-1 louboutin-women-2 louboutin-women-32 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 FotorCreated

For the lady out there who sees heels as more than something you put on, but rather a part of who you are, our Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook is just for you. Shot by photographer Peter Lippmann, Water in Love suggests that one should never take off their Louboutins – even in the bath.

We understand if parting is such sweet sorrow – here in Louboutin World, we believe one should always keep their friends close and their Red Soles closer. Regardless, from shoes to bags to beauty, the collection is certain to add a splash of excitement into any Louboutin lover’s wardrobe.

Uniting a spectrum of references, colours, and textures, featuring elegant fringing, bejewelled beauty, and aquatic themes throughout, the collection draws inspiration across culture, from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita to the art and architecture of the American Southwest. And with the debut of all-new technical innovations like a wavy “Mirage” stiletto, a seductive cutaway toe, and just a bit of borrowing from the boys, the question you’ll be asking yourself this spring won’t be what to wear – but when to take it off.

(source: christianlouboutin.com)


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