why we love: Blair Waldorf


Hey, girls! Even if you are a Gossip Girl lover or not, you can’t just ignore Blair Waldorf’s sophisticated style and attitude. She is everyone’s favourite mean girl, so preppy and elegant all the time.


1. for her hairstyle

Her final touch of adding a lovely headband – her signature –  is absolutely fabulous.


2. for her gorgeous dresses

this one is definetly my fav

dress1 dress2

3. for her attitude

anigif_enhanced-buzz-5749-1389716829-22 blair-waldorf-gossip-girl-leighton-meester-quote-quotes-Favim.com-420740 blairwaldorfquotes22 download images (1) main-qimg-05d744eeec9450f79882ccd85f260417

4. for her bestie, Serena 

b-and-s blair-waldorf-quote-1 serena

5. for her wedding dresses


6. for her adorable smile


7. for her sense of humor

538c8ffc3bcb5 261286_241657002519033_175109385840462_951487_1925293_n 449664c4c703ed6297043a4d6d19169f

8. for her love for fashion


9. for her idol

513GossipGirl0070 audrey-hepburn-style-1

10. And last, but not least, for the love of her life, Chuck Bass

New-promo-stills-Enough-about-Eve-blair-and-chuck-8849079-2560-1707 tumblr_mc9lxpxVfb1qexeroo1_1280

giphy tumblr_lv80t9cgmB1qf70r5o1_500 tumblr_m99z6n59Os1rtwgxpo1_500 tumblr_mxs3snqtyU1re8uxvo1_500

That’s why I love queen B. What about you, do you agree with me?



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